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Rostislav Benak,Chairman of the Board, Assessment SystemsRostislav Benak,Chairman of the Board
In today’s dynamic world, employees are one of the valuable assets of an organisation and the key to Success. Having quality employees will help companies run and grow. However, it can be a daunting task to recruit and keep top talent. One of the major fears for HRs during recruitment is hiring the wrong person, which can be a colossal waste of time, money, and other resources. Against this backdrop, a question that remains for HRs is how to ensure that the candidate hired is an excellent fit on all levels and how to enhance their competencies so that they can thrive in their jobs and drive company growth?

Assessment Systems has the answer. As an international HR consulting group, Assessment Systems is on a mission to help organisations hire the right people, hone employees’ skills and competencies, build great leaders, and guarantee a return on investment. To achieve this feat, the company utilises innovative tools and services that not only shapes employee’s future but also improves the overall business environment.

According to Rostislav Benak, Chairman of the Board at Assessment Systems, “In the business world, there are two major resources required to succeed– money and people, and we deal with everything related to people.” Having been in the industry for over fifteen years, Benak has been focused on bringing a team of professional consultants to the market with the sole purpose of helping organisations to grow by developing their human capital. Currently operating in the CEE and CIS regions, the company has over a thousand satisfied corporate clients, ranging from small corporations to multi-national companies.

The impeccable solutions and services of Assessment Systems help clients in three major domains–selecting appropriate people, core development of the human asset, and strategic HR process to ensure long-term business objectives.

As a part of their selection process, the company utilises a five-step selection methodology. Firstly, the company’s consultant identifies the clients’ needs, understands what the job requirements are, and then recognises the necessary competencies that an ideal candidate should have. This is followed by cognitive and/or special ability evaluation, personality and/or motivation assessment, and competency based evaluation. Based on the assessment, a customised report is generated, which help HRs in making the right decision. The flexible solutions of Assessment Systems can be customised according to clients’ needs to ensure each criterion of position-relevant competency is considered.

Upon choosing the right candidate, the company works behind identifying the full human potential through a detailed development process. Employee evaluation (through 360-degree feedback, Hogan Assessments, and others), training program, coaching sessions, and follow-up form the essential steps of the development process that not only enhance employee satisfaction and market value but also lend the organisation a competitive edge.

We thrive to bridge the multicultural and multilingual gaps between global enterprises and local companies, enabling them to think globally, yet act locally

Further, Assessment Systems supports organisations to improve their HR strategies and workforce engagement. The company’s qualified consultants identify the challenges that organisations face regarding employee engagement and HR analytics and provide solutions that are aligned to the overall business strategy. This integrated assessment process, flowing in from several evaluation systems, allows clients to make reliable decisions based on all possible factors. With the glocal approach at its core, Assessment Systems help organisations to understand, standardise, analyse, and translate the results of a multi-assessment environment test into the desired “language.” Assessment Systems also utilises well-known personal inventories and computerised psycho diagnostics, in-house products like 360 Feedback, and stellar services like Intelligent Team Report, cognitive test of abstract, diagrammatic, and numerical reasoning, and more to help clients make data driven strategic HR decisions. Importantly, all the solutions and services of Assessment Systems meet the stringent compliance regulations and standards.

What sets Assessment Systems apart from its competitors is its state-of-the-art ‘glocal’ approach. This approach allows the company to integrate global solutions into organisations’ HR processes with local implementation in a short period of time. Benak states, “We thrive to bridge the multicultural and multilingual gaps between global enterprises and local companies, enabling them to think globally, yet act locally.” The company empowers regional organisations through its services and enables them to “think globally, yet act locally.”

As a customer-centric company, Assessment Systems is driven by its clients’ satisfaction and strives relentlessly to bring out-of the-box problem-solving approaches. With the key principle of always helping clients, and not merely selling products, the consultants at Assessment Systems strive hard to bring innovative solutions and services based on professionalism, flexibility, speed, and high quality.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is barely slowing down its pace. Remote working has always been a part of Assessment Systems, which has had virtual teams working together from multiple offices worldwide. The company has a cloud infrastructure to facilitate virtual meetings irrespective of its employees’ or customers’ location. Unlike most companies today, which had their digital transformations driven by COVID-19, Assessment Systems was always one step ahead. Today, the company is also helping its customers and partners to resort to digital practices and maintain seamless continuity during the pandemic crisis.

Since its inception in 2001, Assessment Systems has always been a team of innovative trendsetters, backed by its proficient team of consultants and wishes to continue being the same. In the years to come, Assessment Systems plans to expand its footprint geographically, specifically outside Central and Eastern Europe. The company even aims to delve deeper into human capital analytics by incorporating premium technologies like big data. With that being said, the forthcoming years seem to be exciting for Assessment Systems.
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Rostislav Benak,Chairman of the Board

Assessment Systems is an international HR consulting group that is committed to help clients with their people related challenges. With over 15 years of experience and over 1000+ satisfied corporate clients, the company is driven by its mission to help organisations hire the right people, hone employees’ skills and competencies, build great leaders, and guarantee a return on investment. Assessment Systems provides intelligent solutions through a combination of market insight, technical excellence, and outstanding knowledge of people and organizations. Assessment Systems bridges the multicultural and multilingual gaps between global enterprises and local companies, enabling them to think globally, yet act locally